More than seven decades developing sustainable and innovative solutions.

Saica  is founded
Saica (Sociedad Anónima Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa) is founded in Zaragoza (Spain) with 6 workers at its paper production plant.
Acquiring cardboard packaging
Saica initiates the integration process by acquiring cardboard packaging (Saica Pack) and integrated waste management (Saica Natur) plants.
The first co-generation
The first co-generation plant in the Spanish industrial sector.
Saica arrives in France
Saica arrives in France with the Saica Paper and Saica Pack divisions.
Paper weight reduction
Saica leads paper weight reduction with the start of our MP9, the first machine in the world that is able to produce 75g/m2.
Saica inaugurates the first Energy Recovery Plant
Saica inaugurates the first Energy Recovery Plant in El Burgo del Ebro (Zaragoza, Spain), thereby preventing 450,000 tonnes of paper production waste from reaching the tips.
Saica business in Partington
Saica continues with its growth and geographic expansion by setting up business in Partington, a town near Manchester (United Kingdom) with a new Saica Paper plant featuring the most advanced technology.
Opening of a Natur Cycle Plus plant
Saica initiates its diversification with the opening of a Natur Cycle Plus plant. The facilities are used to produce more than 9,200 tonnes of recycled pellets from recycled low-density polyethylene.
Acquiring flexible packaging plants
Saica continues its diversification process by acquiring flexible packaging plants (Saica Flex).
Acquisition of the French Group Emin Leydier.
We increased our presence in Europe with the acquisition of the French Group Emin Leydier.
We are present in nine countries with a team of more than 10,000 customer-oriented professionals.
Saica Natur
  • Integrated waste management
  • Saica Paper
  • Recycled paper for corrugated cardboard
  • Saica Pack
  • Corrugated cardboard packaging solutions
  • Saica Flex
  • Flexible packaging solutions
    Ethical behaviour has governed our management and executives’ actions from the very beginning in order to ensure sustainable growth.
    CODE OF ETHICS At Saica, we are committed to respecting and applying our “Code of Ethics and Regulatory Compliance”, a series of fundamental principles designed to provide guidance when making decisions on how to attain sustainable growth and protect our long-term success expectations.
    We provide sustainable solutions to produce paper and recycled packaging as well as to manage and valorise waste.
    We care. We care for the future

    We care
    We care for the future

    Sustainable and profitable growth. Safety. Environment. Long-term investors and results.

    We value. We offer value

    We value
    We offer value

    Committment and teamwork. People development. Quality. Service. Continuous improvement.

    We challenge. We accept challenges

    We challenge
    We accept challenges

    Innovation. Efficiency. R+D+i. Technology.

    Our management team
    Ramón Alejandro Saica’s fundamental principle is its ethical and fair behaviour.
    Ramón Alejandro Chairman
    Pedro Gascón Respect for human rights is the foundation for our relationship.
    Pedro Gascón Managing Director
    Enrique de Yraolagoitia At Saica, we are committed to the custody chain.
    Enrique de Yraolagoitia Deputy Managing Director
    Susana Alejandro Teamwork brings out the best in each of us
    Susana Alejandro Director of Corporate Strategy and Development
    Víctor Sanz Our goal is to improve efficiency and recover waste.
    Víctor Sanz Managing Director of Saica Natur
    Federico Asensio At Saica, we offer quality and safe products.
    Federico Asensio Managing Director of Saica Paper
    Pascal Giraud Our committment to clients, suppliers and partners comes first.
    Pascal Giraud Managing Director of Saica Pack
    Javier Fernández We are committed to treating our clients and suppliers fairly and honestly.
    Javier Fernández Managing Director of Saica Flex
    Pilar Franca We are committed to community development and wellbeing.
    Pilar Franca Director of Sustainable Development and Human Resources
    Carlos Mancholas We don’t tolerate any type of inappropriate behaviour.
    Carlos Mancholas Director of Finance & IT
    Cristina Cardona

We are committed to a fair market that rewards innovation and efficiency.
    Cristina Cardona Legal Director
    Francisco Carilla

Saica is an innovative and efficient group
    Francisco Carilla Director of Industrial Projects
    REPORT YOUR CONCERN If you have experienced or witnessed unethical behaviour in SAICA, including something illegal, or if you have any concerns that the requirements of SAICA’s compliance policies are not being complied with, you can report it through this e-mail address. Thanks for your help.
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    UK GENDER PAY Reporting

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