Our culture

We believe that a sustainable future is possible

At Saica we want to promote sustainable development, reducing our carbon footprint and giving new life to waste. We are a team committed to innovation, technology and efficiency to offer sustainable solutions to our clients. Our values ​​are our guide in decision-making.
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We Care

Sustainable and profitable growth. Security. Environment. Investors and long-term results

We Care

Caring about people and our environment, we believe in sustainable and profitable growth that drives sustainable development


The increasing scarcity of natural resources calls for greater responsibility in production and consumption. We have a responsibility to ensure the smooth running of our operations through sustainable practices


We engage with the communities in which we operate, through our employees, to understand their concerns and manage our operations responsibly, ensuring their well-being

Committed to results

We are accountable for our results in an autonomous and responsible manner

Focused on health and security

Safety is our priority and we place a focus on it to avoid occupational hazards and provide our employees with a safe workplace

We Value

Commitment and teamwork. Development of people. Quality. Service. Continuous improvement


Commitment is the engine that drives our teams to innovate to create a healthier and more sustainable world


We show respect for people, the communities around us and the environment. We seek to promote the development of people in a respectful way


Teamwork is the key to driving sustainability, building new ways forward and possibilities towards sustainability

Spirit of leadership: we strive to provide the best quality and service

We like to approach problems as new opportunities because every challenge gives us the opportunity to learn and grow


We promote innovation to drive our growth and we invest recurrently in infrastructure and R&D+I projects

We Challenge

Innovation. Efficiency. R&D+I Development. Technology


We are ambitious in our growth path, showing respect and responsibility in the use of natural resources at all times

With determination

Drive and motivation are what spur us on and are what we pass on to our entire team to achieve productive results

Always one step ahead

We anticipate the future to anticipate any unforeseen events or opportunities so that we can be prepared and focus on the challenges


We have the skills to make decisions and come up with different methods to help us achieve our goals


We have a robust task performance management system in place to achieve the results we are aiming for

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