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We believe in innovation as a fundamental cornerstone
for creating value for our clients.


Business development
Business development
Knowledge and skill development
Knowledge and skill development

We work in multidisciplinary teams to reach new milestones in product innovation and evolution to meet our clients’ needs.

  • We conduct specific training
  • We add R+D+i as a key to our personnel’s career plans
  • We share acquired knowledge with the rest of the organization

We proactively promote innovation by applying the results of our technological research to production creation and development. Key factors:

  • Promoting and supporting businesses with co-innovation projects in collaboration with clients
  • Facilitating Group synergies

Our partners:

  • Our clients
  • The Saica Natur, Saica Paper, Saica Pack and Saica Flex sales and marketing departments
  • Technology institutes and innovation centres – industrial design universities.
Technological development
Technological development
  • We lead cooperation projects with equipment suppliers, OEMs and we work together with machinery manufacturers to develop applied technologies that allow us to:
    • Launch innovative products
    • Become leaders in efficiency
    • Identify the available technology to implement diversification activities
  • We identify, test and validate the technology used in other industries to create more value for our group. We identify and implement the best technology available considering possible diversification activities.
  • Key factors:
    • Having the best technology to create new products and services
    • Having more efficient processes
    • Ensuring the quality of our products
  • Our partners:
    • We rely on external partners to develop our technologies as well design original equipment together
Product development
Product development
  • We offer our clients solutions that adapt to their needs. We provide answers to their problems instead of simply offering commodities.
  • We provide support through physic and chemistry research and the development of new products.
  • Key factors:
    • The products offer added value and differentiation.
    • Increased properties in our product catalogue.
    • More efficient processes and lower raw material costs.
  • Our partners:
    • We collaborate with universities, technology institutes and closely with raw material and chemical product suppliers.


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