Producing good ideas
Creativity, professionalism and productivity are the standards we work with and with which we have earned our clients’ and sector colleagues’ respect.
We develop all-new products by taking advantage of market opportunities. We have teams in the United Kingdom, Spain and France. More than 120 designers throughout Europe with extensive knowledge of retail markets, new materials, the supply chain and client mechanization who work at laboratories and centres with the latest technologies.
We work to provide added value through differentiation. We have facilities designed to work with clients through close-up, productive and innovative relationships.
Exchanging information with our technical offices in the other countries where we operate is one of the keys to our success. We provide support to our technical offices with cutting plotters, digital printing, software (Artios, Cape Pack, Perfect Shelf and Adobe Suite), 3D image creation, animations, demo videos, palleting, shelf product presentations and by resolving any questions they may have.
  • Advice and recommendations on packaging machine systems
  • Corrugated cardboard specification harmonisation
  • Support before, during and after projects to ensure problem-free machinery installation and start-up
  • We interact with machinery companies to develop new technologies and adapted packaging solutions.
  • Paper and cardboard analysis
  • Finished packaging testing (BCT)
  • ISO 9001 Certification for cardboard plate and BTC testing
  • Material compliance specifications
  • Quality measurements
  • Product development
  • Packaging performance studies

Why work with us?

  • Structural and graphic design harmonisation
  • Speed and low development costs
  • We believe in packaging functionality
  • Digital printing for samples and short productions
  • Extensive knowledge of corrugated cardboard packaging and printing
  • We deliver ideas from the concept to the solution

The perfect solution for pre-production models

  • We have a next-generation digital printing facility to produce rigid and flexible prototypes.
  • We print prototypes directly on corrugated cardboard
  • Scannable barcodes
  • Quick replacements without tools
  • Ideal for samples and promotional activities
We offer our clients more than 40 technical offices throughout Europe as well as our innovative facilities The Green Room in Manchester, the Customer Experience Center in Wigan (United Kingdom) and the NDCs (National Development Center) in France, the United Kingdom and Spain.
We custom manage projects to offer the best solutions everywhere in our clients’ value chain.
We enhance the visual appearance of a product by offering added value.

We do our work through:

  • Linear analysis
  • Structural design
  • Graphic design
  • Resistance calculations
  • Laboratory testing
  • Logistics studies
  • Optimisation
  • Mechanization studies
  • Project presentation: 3D, samples, presentations and face-to-face
THE GREEN ROOM (Manchester, UK)
  • We develop the best solutions through Saica Pack Workshops
  • Idea Sessions, meetings to generate ideas and creative development
  • The Green Room: an inspiring place for innovative production, the generation of ideas and production development. We work with the best atmosphere and adequate contacts to shorten the time needed to develop and launch new packaging solutions.

A step change for the industry

Saica Pack Wigan has developed a place to meet with clients for relationships based on innovation and co-construction. The philosophy: to submerge clients in a joint creativity session to work on new designs and enhance existing ones in real time. We shorten the waiting time by weeks or months in just one or two sessions.

The Customer Experience Center is all about immersion in new developments and information on local and international business issues. A first impact for our aspirations and values.

Supermarket: we have a real supermarket environment to see products on the shelves. It’s ideal for comparing with competing versions. It also features an industrial refrigeration unit to display cold products and offer an all-new way to visualise our clients’ cold beverages.

Areas adapted for a wide variety of activities like meetings and presentations.

Lounge: a breakthrough work environment to generate a creative atmosphere.

Break Out Area: lighting to properly observe colours and a lighted dry mechanical cleaning screen.

A 6x1.2 metre mobile touchscreen: ea work space to create ideas, take note of designs and generate interaction between Saica and its clients.

Technology available: software created to support the product design creative process and allow for real time interruptions. Other software applications can be easily used to practically work with any type of document.

The Cloud: The Internet is the only thing needed to collaborate live at our centre. Distance is no problem.

Design Centre, commercialising creativity

Our facilities in Wigan have been turned into a space dedicated to innovation and focused on the development of new materials and packaging formats. The compound has everything needed to develop presentations, applications and designs for our clients with:

  • A large-format inkjet printer and a cutting table to quickly create prototypes.
  • A creative and design centre for works of art and 3D conceptualisation (nicknamed the oval office).
  • A test bench with portable equipment for useful life testing, a lightbox and an automatic scanning platform for colour management and calibration.

We are currently immersed in studying the future of flexible packaging and the initial concept of why, how and for whom, using language and methods that revolve around client-oriented manufacturing processes.

The client participates in a unique experience where every aspect is adapting to him/her
We create co-creativity sessions to foster a feeling of belonging and understanding
A positive and creative environment to sow long-lasting relationships

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