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Saica Graduate program

Saica Graduate Program Completes the Preparation of its Seventh Edition with 19 New Graduates

After three years, 19 students have graduated from a new edition of this training plan that aims to carve out the company’s future.

Within the programme, which is completely undertaken in English, the daily work of the company is brought together with the teaching of management techniques.

A total of 19 students have successfully finished the seventh edition of the Saica Graduate Program, which is a training plan driven by the Aragon-based multinational company with the collaboration of the Universidad San Jorge and the ESIC Business & Marketing School. The diploma presentation ceremony took place this Thursday in the Aula Maga auditorium in the School of Communication and Social Sciences at the Villanueva de Gállego campus.

For the three years that this intensive development programme lasts, the aim is that when then students finish they are completely prepared to take on responsibilities in the key areas for the development of the Group within the medium and long term. Thus the programme is a good opportunity for recent graduates, as it opens the door for them to become part of a leading company within its sector and it provides them with a series of technical teachings in business management skills.

In this regard, the participants join the company as workers and have the support and monitoring of one of the company’s managers who acts as a tutor and monitors their academic development. This way, the educational needs of the recent graduates are met and they can learn the perspectives of people with a wide range of experience and skills. Whilst working, the students complete eleven training modules, combining on-line and in-person modules, in which they learn management techniques.

Throughout the training period, the participants rotate between various departments, thus perfecting their skills and knowledge with the application of skills in the standard workplace. Therefore, this can mean that they start the programme in a certain department, role or country but can end up in a different one. As a result they gain a global vision and an added value for their professional careers, which will start within Saica.

Furthermore, this training is given entirely in English, given the multicultural and international environment in which the graduate programme participants will find themselves. They will participate in work teams with people with different nationalities and they will even spend one of the three years in another country. Likewise, this is the language that is generally used within a group that has such an expansion on a global level.

A total of 102 students have participated in the Saica Graduate Program, including the 19 from this year. The students have come from France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy, as well as participants from Spain. For the educational side, Saica collaborates with the ESIC Business & Marketing School and the Universidad de San Jorge. It is precisely the latter academic institution that allows for the graduates to achieve an official diploma with university credits pursuant to the Bolonia Process.

“Great companies are those that are made and grown thanks to great, committed people”. That is how the ceremony was closed by the president of the Saica Group, Ramón Alejandro, who highlighted that “good professional are those that work, adding value to the rest of the team and society in general”. Throughout his speech he asked the students to show “passion and enthusiasm, both in their professional and personal lives, always giving the best of themselves”, he invited them to “keep their young spirit” and to “trust in themselves”, he also pointed out that “you never stop learning”.

Likewise, Alejandro assured that “in the context we live in, companies should transform themselves, advancing towards a more competitive and sustainable economy based on innovation and internationalization”. Meanwhile, he upheld the view that the students that were finishing their training represented “a combination of youth, talent and education that translated into a great potential for companies”.

The selection process for the 2017 Saica Graduate Program is now open. Those interested should send their CV through the section “Work with Us” on the company’s website and apply for the specific offer they are interested in.

About Saica Group

Saica Group is one of the largest European players in the development and production of recycled paper for corrugated board, with a production of 3.2 million tons of recycled paper. With more than 10,000 employees across Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.
Saica Group has four business areas: production of recycled paper for corrugated board (Saica Paper), waste management and environmental services (Saica Natur), production of corrugated packaging (Saica Pack) and flexible packaging (Saica Flex). The turnover of the multinational is nearly 3.832 million Euros (aggregate sales, 31.12.19).

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