Saica Natur Cycle Plus

Through our own technological developments implemented in the production process of Saica Natur Cycle Plus, we produce high-quality recycled granules of low-density polyethylene (LDPE and LLDPE). The granules can be used for high-value applications using post-consumer recycled material, contributing to plastic recycling goals.


The plant is dedicated to the recovery, sorting, treatment, and transformation of low-density polyethylene (LDPE and LLDPE) to produce granules reintroduced into the production cycle for manufacturing new plastic products. We employ the best available technology on the market, making us a global reference in product quality and technical, energy, and environmental efficiency.

It operates as a continuous process (sorting, crushing, washing, drying, and extrusion) with various control systems to offer our customers high-performance granules as a substitute for virgin granules without altering the mechanical characteristics of the final product.


The product manufactured at our facilities is a homogeneous granule, with a high degree of processability, transparency, and no odors, capable of increasing the substitution of virgin granules without altering the mechanical characteristics of the final product.

We have various control systems that allow us to guarantee the quality and traceability of the supplied granules.

We offer our customers the possibility of joint product development, technical assistance at their facilities, and the provision of a technical data sheet.


Consult or download the technical data sheet of our product

Technical specifications

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