Saica Flex Etten-Leur wins National Health & Safety Award

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Saica Flex Etten-Leur wins National Health & Safety Award

Saica Flex Etten-Leur wins National Health & Safety Award

Saica Flex Etten-Leur was announced as the winners of the National Health & Safety Award by the Royal Kartoflex (Royal Association for the Dutch manufacturers of cardboard- and flexible packaging) on 14 April 2023. Outstanding safety performance, high level of safety awareness and compliance with safety regulations, effective implementation of safety systems, support from management and involvement of employees were the key factors in winning this Safety Award.

Saica Flex Etten-Leur is one of the 100+ members within the The Royal Kartoflex. According to the jury, Saica Flex Etten-Leur, together with two other nominees (Acket Drukkerij Kartonnage B.V. and Wipak Produktie B.V.), are leading examples within their industry. 


One month ago Saica Flex Etten-Leur was informed about the nomination by the Royal Kartoflex. “I was called by the chairman with the news”, said QHSE manager Richard Weijers. “I was totally surprised, but honored with the nomination.”

Safety Ambassadors

In Saica we say “if it is not safe, it is not Saica”, therefore, each and everyone plays a key role when it comes to safety. The jury was impressed by the high level of safety improvements implemented by Saica Flex Etten-Leur in the past few years, in comparison to the poor safety track record five years ago. “Our focus is on safety awareness and behavior”, said Weijers. “We don’t have one special safety officer, we have 96 safety ambassadors”. 

Team work

The chairman of Royal Kartoflex will bring the Challenge Cup to Etten-Leur, where the plant will celebrate this achievement as a team. “This Safety Award is a huge recognition for everybody’s efforts in making our plant safer - from management to the shop floor– we lead by example and safety comes first”, said Weijers. “It is not luck. It is hard work. It is team work.” 

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