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Safely transporting glass

Our client, International Cookware, had a problem in its value chain with transport in its production process. Nearly 2 million mugs had to be packaged and transported in an open conditioner with the resulting risk.
The following problem arose: The open packaging (die-cut sheets) for transport posed the risk of many of the goods getting broken and risks of accidents during unloading.

Saica conducted an innovation process to provide the client with a solution as well as give the product added value. Saica Pack provided the client with a series of recommendations in order to prevent any risks upon removing the mugs from the conditioner. They were as follows:

Modify the die-cut shape to prevent contact between the mugs.

Change the wave to an EE type

Apply an anti-moisture treatment

A positive result was achieved with these modifications. Specifically, all breakage was completely eliminated and the overal cost dropped by 30%.

“Thanks to the immediate reaction by our sales contact and the Saica Pack Lamirande Technical Office, we were able to find a solution to our problems and much more”

Laurent Prot,

Packaging Development Manager


Contact us Saica Communications and Press Officer +34 976 10 31 00

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