Saica Monoflex, a 100% recyclable flexible design

Zaragoza, 21 Dec 2017

  • With a bright, transparent appearance, this allows the consumer to have greater visibility when buying sliced products, pizzas and single-serving pouches of oil, among others.

  • This new product, comprising of a tray and cover from the same material has been developed by the R+D+i team and is part of Saica’s endeavour towards Circular Economy in flexible packaging.

For Saica Flex Product and Application Development Manager, Ricardo Cañavate, this “allows us to do more with less. Without a doubt, we have launched a unique product that offers environmental benefits that enhance the positioning and reputation of our customers.”

Saica Flex has designed a 100% recyclable cover that adapts to APET trays. In its continued commitment to innovation and Circular Economy, Saica launches Monoflex on to the market. This is a product that offers the same functionality as the complex structures that are currently used. Likewise, it has improved its transparency and brightness, meaning that the consumer has a greater visibility when buying sliced products and single-serving pouches of oil and vinegar, among others.

The new design of the cover has been developed by Saica Flex’s R+D+i team, who have created a product that is solely created from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which maintains and even improves the functional properties and the barrier of current packaging.

Saica Monoflex is a commitment to Circular Economy: a 100% recyclable, innovative product. This new product contributes to improving the reputation and image that clients have of the brand, as it conforms to the guidelines discussed by the EU and the COP 21 and it contributes to the saving of natural resources due to it being completely recyclable. Likewise, the heat-sealing process is conducted at a lower heat, meaning that less energy is consumed.

The product is comprised of a PET based cover, with either a high or low barrier, depending on the clients’ requirements and it can be welded to APET trays. Tests carried out in the heat-sealing facilities of the manufacturer of the trays, Klöckner Pentaplast KP, which is a European leader in this sector, have guaranteed the tray sealing and the water tightness required for the preservation of the product.

The Saica Monoflex cover is manufactured and distributed with up to a 46% reduction in its thickness which generates large efficiencies in transport and storage since the new reel holds more meters of product whilst maintaining the same weight and volume. Furthermore the productive efficiency in the packaging lines caused by reducing the changes, decreases losses and thus increases product yield.

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