Safely Transport Glass with International Cookware

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Saica Pack Lamirande, 21 Dec 2017

International Cookware had a transport problem in its production process within its value chain. It was necessary to package and transport nearly 2 million jugs in an open truck with the consequent risks.

The open packages (die-cut boards) for transportation run the risk of the goods breaking or for accidents to occur in the unloading process. Saica Pack carried out a series of recommendations in order to avoid risks when taking the jugs from the truck.

Modification of the die-cut shape in order to avoid the jugs from coming into contact with each other

Change of flute to an EE flute.

Application of an anti-humidity treatment

With these modifications, all breakages were avoided and the total cost was reduced by 30%. The client stated that “thanks to the immediate reaction of our commercial contact and of Saica Pack Lamirande’s Technical Office, we were able to find a solution to our problem and far more”, Laurent Prot, Packaging Development Manager INTERNATIONAL COOKWARE

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