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Ireland, 21 Dec 2017

The aim was to develop a high quality tray using the mechanisation financed by Saica in order to ensure important businesses within the Irish meat industry.

Outlined aims:

  • Savings in corrugated cardboard and in the mechanisation workforce
  • Reduction of logistical costs due to a smaller size
  • Appearance: consistent quality of the assembly of the box and of the square shape of the stack
  • Capacity (potential to hold a greater volume)
  • Capacity to produce 8 x current requirements
  • Production potential for adjacent locations

Since 2013 we have installed three machines at Dawn, proving that the “corner post design” offers sustainable savings in terms of packaging and costs.What did we do?

  • The tray of the machine uses a 35% smaller board area and it is always perfectly formed, with strong corner posts.
  • The ergonomic tray has a smaller carbon footprint
  • Technology used in the meat, poultry and products markets.
  • Machine capable of producing the trays that are as high as required.
  • Providing guidance in the needs testing, factory acceptance testing and implementation.
  • We provide technical support and spare parts.

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